Turning Data Into Insights

Margins are tight in the trucking industry and have put many businesses under pressure. To compete, fleets must minimize costs and operate as efficiently as possible. But, how? Vehicle gateways have given carriers access to a treasure trove of data on their operations. In this short webinar, KeepTruckin will walk through tangible ways to use it.

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Claire Tak
Content Product Manager, KeepTruckin

Claire Tak is as content product manager at KeepTruckin. She focuses on helping fleets run their businesses more efficiently and safely through delivering the message of how KeepTruckin's technology helps them drive more miles while staying safe and compliant.

Chelsea Kendrick
Product Manager, KeepTruckin

Chelsea Kendrick is a product manager at KeepTruckin. Through customer exploration and research, she helps deliver useful and reliable products and features for fleets of all sizes. Chelsea was also awarded the "Top Women to Watch in Transportation," which recognizes women for their outstanding career accomplishments in the trucking industry.