How to Improve Efficiency & Flexibility Within Your Carrier Relations

As the capacity tides continue to shift, it's more important than ever to improve and manage carrier relations more efficiently. Join industry experts from Giltner, Inc. and Descartes MacroPoint as they share their experiences and advice on how to stay flexible while maintaining margins through the volatile freight market ahead.

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Brian Hodgson
SVP Industry Strategy, Descartes

With over 20 years of sales and business development experience, Brian has worked with hundreds of companies to apply enterprise software and process improvements, driving value and cost savings across supply chain and logistics functions. Brian recently rejoined the Descartes team to increase customer value, expand product offerings and drive growth.

Todd Baughman
VP of Technology, Giltner, Inc.

Todd Baughman is the VP of Technology for Giltner Logistics, Inc. He is responsible for planning, implementing, and maintaining all aspect that are related to Information Technologies. Lead various initiative to drive efficiencies and performance improvements with advance technologies and process improvement methods.