How to Hire More Drivers By Training Recruiters in Sales

As the industry-wide [quality] driver shortage continues to loom large, attracting, hiring, and retaining drivers has become incredibly important, and much of this responsibility rests on the shoulders of CDL driver recruiters. Understanding the parallel between recruiting and sales is a critical step. With drivers considered as ‘leads’ in a ‘sales funnel’, recruiters can nurture these contacts, create lasting relationships, and be successful in today’s challenging environment.

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Jeremy Reymer
Founder & CEO, DriverReach

For fourteen years, Jeremy led Driving Ambition, Inc., a regional driver staffing company. Jeremy is passionate and innovative in addressing the driver shortage problem, which is why he is now 100% focused on helping others to use technology to improve the process around attracting and qualifying drivers with DriverReach.

Wendy Bartz
Director of Recruiting Services, DriverReach

Wendy is the Director of Recruiting Services and holds over 20 years of experience in transportation, ranging from coordinating student driver training to a proven track record in executive leadership of driver recruiting efforts. Wendy leads the Recruiting Services from a foundation of practical knowledge, diverse experience, and continuing education and process refinement, spearheading dynamic efforts to successfully recruit and qualify drivers.