What's next and how to prepare

Earlier this year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced the proposal to change five different aspects of the HOS regulations. Hear from industry experts covering a wide array of perspectives on what these changes could mean for the future, and what you should be doing now to prepare.

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Dan Horvath
VP of Safety Policy, American Trucking Associations

Dan Horvath is the Vice President of Safety Policy at the American Trucking Associations. Dan has experience in safety & compliance working on both the carrier side as well as years as an FMCSA auditor. In his current role he represents ATA and its safety agenda before federal and state government regulators, and various non-governmental organizations. Dan oversees the association’s Safety Policy and Hazardous Materials committees.

Soona Lee
Director of Regulatory Compliance, EROAD

As Director of Regulatory Compliance at EROAD, Soona Lee is responsible for understanding policy context and technical requirements and translating them for development of the company’s suite of compliance products. She has deep subject matter expertise in ELD and works closely with carriers, drivers and the enforcement community to improve industry outcomes of compliance, safety and efficiency through implementation of technology.

Dave Osiecki
President & CEO, Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

Dave Osiecki is the President & CEO of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting. Dave develops and delivers the safety, technology, regulatory and compliance-related consulting, training and advisory service offerings for STC. He began his transportation career in 1986 at the Federal Highway Administration and was an Executive Vice President for ATA, working on behalf of the trucking industry in safety, policy, regulatory and advocacy-related positions.