How to Achieve Operational Excellence

Fleet owners and operators are faced with a convergence of business challenges that have forced some operations to close. Tight shipping rates, increased insurance premiums, and continued driver shortages are pressuring businesses to reconsider long held operational beliefs in order to stay profitable.   In these challenging times, how do commercial fleets create a model of operational excellence that reduces risk and protects their profitability?

During the webinar, we'll:

- Examine the costs that are impacting the market today 

- Discuss the five ways to achieve operational excellence and become a risk of choice

- Share best practices to partner with your broker and put the brakes on rising insurance premiums

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Steve Bojan
Vice President, Risk Services, HUB Transportation

Steve Bojan provides risk management and compliance services to fleet operations, assisting clients with DOT compliance, loss analysis, driver training, and technology implementations. Steve has been a speaker and contributor to various publications on transportation safety and risk management.

Dain Dockter
Senior Vice President, HUB Transportation

Dain Dockter has worked with for-hire trucking companies and private fleets of all sizes. He is a trusted advisor to his clients, and helps clients reduce their total cost of risk and provides insight on key business decisions.