Unlocking a Fair Rate: Reduce Insurance with Effective Driver Management

Insurance costs have been rising by double digits year-over-year, and with profit margins in the trucking industry averaging out at 5%, these cost increases are devastating. Fortunately, fleets today with less-than-perfect CSA scores can still unlock insurance savings by proving they are safe and having the data to back it up. Learn from Hayden Cardiff, Founder/Co-CEO of Idelic, and Chris Vogel, Senior Vice President of Cottingham & Butler, Inc., as they discuss what insurance providers are really looking for.

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Chris Vogel
Senior Vice President Cottingham & Butler

Chris Vogel, a leading transportation risk and insurance advisor, co-leads the transportation and logistics business at Cottingham & Butler Inc. Chris is a trusted advisor to one of the largest collections of trucking accounts in the nation and a leader in the transportation industry.

Hayden Cardiff
Founder & Co-CEO, Idelic

Hayden Cardiff has been deeply immersed in the world of trucking for years. In 2015, his journey led him to Pitt Ohio where he tackled real-life challenges that safety teams face everyday. After learning about these hardships, he founded Idelic, serving as Founder and Co-CEO.