What Developments Will Impact Your Business This Year?

PrePass discusses five trends that will have a big impact on trucking in 2020: Increasing marijuana use, changing truck driver demographics, connected vehicles, the internet of things (IOT) and trucking data security.

    You'll learn:

- Implications of marijuana legalization for attracting and retaining drivers, and impacts to the overall trucking industry.

- Strategies and tactics leading fleets use to find and attract minority and female drivers.

- Improve your fleet productivity and safety with connected vehicle technology and fleet performance data.

- Why trucking is particularly susceptible to cyberattacks and how to reduce your 'attack surface' vulnerabilities.

- How the "Internet of Things" (IoT) will change the trucking industry and why you should care. 

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Kelly Frey
Chief Revenue Officer

Kelly Frey has over 25 years of experience with connected vehicles and fleet compliance solutions. Kelly currently leads sales and customer success for PrePass. Previously he was co-founder and CEO of BigRoad, and held other executive positions at CN Rail, Verizon Connect, Xata and Descartes Systems Group.