During MCE 2021, Transport Topics honored two industry professionals with the Transport Topics Trucking's Frontline Heroes Award for their honorable acts of the past year -- helping ensure the safe delivery of necessities and providing aid in the midst of life-threatening natural disasters.

Every hero has a story.

Unprecedented challenges arose this past year, from the coordination of a global supply chain for speedy and safe delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to emergency responders facing natural disasters like wildfires and the winter storm that caused a power crisis in Texas. We saw innumerable individuals step up to shoulder the burden and their stories deserve to be told.  



The headlines

The supply chain brought hope for those in need of a cure. Fleets devised new end-to-end cold chain solutions. Delivery companies found new ways to deliver cures with drones. Truckers assisted in cross-border delivery operations. Meanwhile, Hurricane Ida strained fuel reserves and halted port operations temporarily. Mudslides shut down highways in West Virginia. An ice storm in Texas left many without basic needs. 
Behind every 2021 transportation news headline, stood everyday people working in real time to help make things better, clearer, stronger.


2021 Heroes

Hero Cully Frisard: 'We Will Never Leave a City Behind'

It was early in Cully Frisard’s transportation career when Hurricane Katrina devastated his home state of Louisiana, but the lessons he learned from that 2005 storm steered his response in September when Hurricane Ida delivered a similar blow to the southeastern state. Now he's one of Trucking's Frontline Heroes...

Hero Gene Woolsey: 'I Just Like to Help People'

When Gene Woolsey retired five years ago, he knew his time behind the wheel was not over. But he wanted to transition from making a living to making a difference, and found his opportunity not far from his front doorstep. And now he's one of Trucking's Frontline Heroes...


More heroes headlines

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"Heroes, they say, appear most clearly when things are at their darkest. They approach great unknowns with openness and tend to put the common good ahead of their own. They are fundamentally noble, decisive, and expansive in their capacity to save others."

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2021 Award

Transport Topics has been the leading news and information outlet of trucking for over 85 years and seeks to recognize those who have been integral to the industry and the nation. 


The Transport Topics Trucking's Frontline Heroes Award is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to honor those who brought their communities together and committed acts of great selflessness in moments of great need.


Awardees are humanitarians and innovators. They come from all parts of the industry - from the executive ranks to the drivers on the road.


Every year, when new crises emerge, we see industry professionals find themselves at the heart of a problem and work to deliver a solution. 


This annual award series represents the gratitude of an 

entire industry for an individual who sacrificed and who triumphed. 


The 2021 Transport Topics Trucking's Frontline Heroes Awards are sponsored by; 

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How Our 2020 Heroes Were Honored 

At ATA's 2020 Management Conference & Exhibition on Oct. 27, three of Transport Topics' Trucking's Frontline Heroes

were honored as 2020 COVID Heroes for their courage and selflessness in helping their communities

manage the frightening early days of the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread.


They braved unknown conditions to deliver necessities, they found ways to help others protect 

themselves, and they organized efforts to ensure no one went without. To hear their stories, just press play.



A Closer Look Back at Our Heroes of 2020

 At a time when the nation relied on the freight transportation industry more than ever, we saw innumerable individuals step up to shoulder the burden and keep the nation moving forward. Transport Topics honored a select number of heroes in the Trucking's Frontline Heroes commemorative publication for their tremendous efforts amidst an unprecedented pandemic. 


The work of this project inspired the Trucking's Frontline Heroes Award.


Find out more about their stories:


Download the 2020 Special Print Edition

Download this special commemorative publication and discover the industry men and women whose extraordinary acts have defined them as Trucking’s Frontline Heroes.


2020 Video Gallery


Watch video interviews with five of Trucking’s Frontline Heroes; hear them describe in their own words why it was important for them to risk their own health concerns to keep essential goods moving.


2020 Digital Reads


Dive into Transport Topics' digital coverage that  salutes the men and women of the trucking industry who kept America's essential goods flowing during the coronavirus pandemic.


2020 Photo Gallery 


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures of additional 2020 frontline heroes are worth a thousand “thank you” cheers from everyone who appreciates the contributions they too made during the pandemic. 

What's coming in 2022?

Every year Transport Topics chooses a Trucking's Frontline hero. The hero is selected based on different yearly criteria.

But one thing stays constant, the act of heroism. So we ask you, do you have a hero in mind? Who do you work with that

shows true heroism everyday?  Keep these folks in mind and watch this space as we open the nomination process in 2022. 

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