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Fleet managers weigh options in tire management, when is it a good time to send out repairs, and U.S. Xpress’ Greg McQuagge talks maintenance. Selling customers on your product and your company ethos, opportunities to improve upon the outmoded diesel engine, and the study of refrigerated trailer operations.

Retread vs. New

In the current environment of high fuel prices and a technology shift looming over many companies regarding last-mile delivery, fleets are challenged to develop a strategy toward tire management. 


With inflation pushing the cost of doing business higher and no end in sight, many fleet managers are taking pause when it comes to expenses — especially knowing where to allocate labor costs


Greg McQuagge, Vice President, Maintenance, U.S. Xpress 


When it comes to new ways of thinking, or a shift in mindset for a large group of consumers, the phrase “winning the hearts and minds” often comes up.

Will the diesel engine ever be perfected?

Paying attention to the details in cold chain logistics can save customers and carriers cold hard cash — especially for those companies that are investing in the latest technological advancements.


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"The more things change, the more they stay the same. The mission of any maintenance shop is to repair vehicles as quickly and precisely as possible. There are scheduled maintenance needs sprinkled with the occasional emergency repairs. Efficiency is key. Those concepts will always stay the same.


With a view from the repair shop to the corner office, Calibrate offers more involved discussions into the trends and issues surrounding equipment and maintenance." - Michael Freeze, Features Editor, Transport Topics

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