What happens when you job candidate pulls a disappearing act, TuSimple's road to autonomous trucking, and an inside look at Yellow's IT transformation. Using software programs to gain an edge in the recruiting race and how AI can turn data into insights.

How fleets are using technology to gain an edge in driver recruiting and prevent promising job applicants from disappearing.


Cheng Lu, CEO of self-driving truck developer TuSimple, offers his perspective on the rollout of autonomous trucking technology during an interview at CES 2022.


Trucking companies are using social media to showcase company culture, engage with drivers and enhance their recruiting.


Fleets are attempting to attract new recruits with driver pay increases, but
technology-enabled recruiting processes also can make a difference.

Artificial intelligence software can help fleets extract actionable insights from their
data by translating charts and graphs into plain-language written reports.


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