The Federal Response to a Disrupted Supply Chain

Air date: 2 P.M. ET January 19, 2022

By the end of last year, the long-awaited $1 trillion infrastructure policy bill was signed into law, the holiday season saw the vast majority of packages delivered with minimal delays, and the USDOT announced more than $241 million in grants to domestic ports. USDOT collaborated with transportation stakeholders to form a supply chain crisis response team and an action plan that would alleviate bottlenecks and strengthen the workforce. What are the next steps in the action plan? In this special edition of Newsmakers, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg joins TT's Eugene Mulero and Dan Ronan to discuss the implementation of the infrastructure policy bill and the path to a stronger supply chain. Fill out the form below to access the full replay. 

Guest: Pete Buttigieg, United States 

Secretary of Transportation

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Eugene Mulero, government reporter,

Transport Topics

Dan Ronan, Associate News Editor,

Transport Topics

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