Executive Learning Sessions - On August 3 and 4, 2021, Transport Topics gave leaders in maintenance and technology an opportunity to reexamine their understanding of the industry and retool their thinking about the state of trucking tech and modern maintenance shops. Featuring conversations between our veteran reporters and industry experts.


Day One: Maintenance VP Sessions

Watch for a focused view of the fleet management and fleet maintenance sphere: maintenance issues, equipment trends, rates of new technology adoption, and the operational demands that we will place on the modern truck. Along the way, we consider the ways the connected truck will impact the size and scope of the maintenance executive’s role within the fleet.  


Retool your maintenance strategy. Walk away with a deeper understanding of the evolution of trucking equipment, maintenance practices and fleet-management technology. Because, to compete in the trucking industry of tomorrow, fleet managers need to stay on top of these trends.


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Day Two: Trucking Technology Sessions

Take a close look at today's trucking technologies – the latest solutions for fleets, the evolution of safety and compliance, and innovations on the rise. To help make sense of the growing responsibilities entrusted to a fleet’s CIO and CTO, we’ll be speaking to industry leaders with real-world experience in both tech development and executive management. 


Retool your technology roadmap. Gain insight into the evolution of the role tech has played in the industry, how solutions have been born of operational problems, and making the right choices for your fleet’s future. Because, it’s not a matter of whether you should equip your fleets with smart gear but which gear and how soon. 


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More Retooling Fun

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BIG IDEAS: Understand the growing role of data collection in trucking with Prepass' Bob Trent.

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This Retool Event is part of the Transport Topics Magazine Event Series. TTMES is an event series geared to keep Transport Topics followers in the know with current product and news releases. TTMES adds a new dimension to our storytelling so that you have more opportunities to learn. 


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