Celebrating and Appreciating Drivers in the News  - National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an industry-wide initiative during the week of September 13 that celebrates the true backbone of the industry - truck drivers. As the leading news source for the transportation industry, Transport Topics is taking the opportunity to put a spotlight on this week and help spread the message of thanks. The gallery features a photo collage of drivers from across the country. We've also gathered a collection of our recent driver-centric news and programs. Read, watch and listen to stories about truck drivers from the past year.


Thank You Gallery


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More For Drivers


Big Rig Brings Big Smiles


Boston Higashi School Division Director John McAllister, who wrangled, lifted and directed children in and around the truck, said they love it every year. “They get so excited for it..."


Newsmakers: Driver Shortage

WATCH: President and CEO of the National Transportation Institute Leah Shaver joins TT's Dan Ronan for a conversation about driver recruitment and retention in today's market and what tools fleet executives can use to succeed.


Driver Wins Battle of States



Ronald Round has been named Bendix Grand Champion at American Trucking Associations’ National Battle of the States: Virtual Truck Driving Championships.


Newsmakers: Truckers on Patrol

WATCH: Kendis Paris, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Truckers Against Trafficking, joins TT's Dan Ronan to discuss the organization's current measures to educate the industry and how individual drivers can support these efforts. 


RoadSigns Driver Pay Episode


LISTEN: How can fleet managers make their drivers feel more appreciated? And what else can fleets do to recruit and retain  quality talent? To get answers, RoadSigns host Michael Freeze talks with founder and CEO of DriverReach, Jeremy Reymer.


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Inside the Cab of a Truck Platoon Driver

LISTEN: RoadSigns host Seth Clevenger speaks with Mike Perkins and Derrick Loo, professional test drivers at Peloton, one of the companies at the forefront of developing truck platooning systems.


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